Pastor of Muppets… a slight return

I’m Dunc, a bloke with a keyboard and an urge to babble pointlessly into the void. I’m aware I’m usually going to be wittering on to myself, but since when did that matter? Anyone can kid themselves on they’re playing to a crowd on the interwebs.

A bit about me: I’m a bit past forty, fairly antisocial, and live in an overcrowded house in a faded Yorkshire town surrounded by glorious Pennine scenery, with an adorable artist, some offspring who really should be on their bikes by now, and a menagerie. My day job is on nobody’s ‘what I want to do when I grow up’ list – just as well I haven’t grown up. I’m pretty good at it though despite being an autistic spaz, the pay isn’t shite and they treat me well. So I won’t be blogging about work (and not just because their social media spies are EVERYWHERE).


The things I actually take an interest in – apart from the other residents of Muppet Towers, naturally – are hillwalking, good music, politics (if you’re allergic to socialism, green issues or animal rights you probably won’t enjoy my rants), good books, the nerdier end of pop culture (more Joss Whedon than whatever the kids are into these days) and computer games – I have broad tastes, but current favourites include the slightly twisted pandemic designer Plague, Inc., awesome roguelike/metroidvania platformer Dead Cells, and pitch black (but still very funny) Cold War border official simulator Papers, Please… I’m currently in recovery for my World of Warcraft habit (FOR THE HORDE!) – so its likely I’ll write shit about those.

This is actually my reset blog. I had one, hosted on a free host but they moved the server and I couldn’t be arsed retrieving it and reuploading the damn thing for the sake of a couple of new year resolution type posts, a grouchy walk write up and a slag off of Blackpool (which was entirely fair tbh). So here it is, not new and probably not improved. Some of you might know who I am, either from other online histories or in real life. Don’t let that put you off.